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Workshop Wednesday – Two Weeks To Go…

….. Will the 4.5″ Gun make it to the show in time? Here’s how we are getting on with it… One big task was to refit the recuperator. I’ll let the pics do the talking! With that on, the next challenge was the barrel. As befits such a mammoth task, it poured down with rain […]

Workshop Wednesday – 3 Weeks To Go….

The 4.5″ gun restoration continues to race ahead. Mike and Rob spent a large part of Thursday getting the barrel rubbed down and into primer, also managing to reveal the markings, and free up the breech mechanism. On Saturday the barrel was flipped over so we could access the underside and spray some green on. […]

Workshop Wednesday – More set building and the gun goes green

Kicking things off this Wednesday is the lovely little Austin 10, currently undergoing an overhaul at the hands of the GOG squad. It’s been treated to a fresh set of tyres, and Dennis has driven it around the yard! In the workshop, the 4.5″ gun carriage, recoil system and legs have been rubbed down and […]

Workshop Wednesday – North Somerset Show 2016

Just 5 weeks to go until we commence the move to the showground, eek! We were very pleased to join members of the IMPS in promoting the DFVS at the North Somerset Show on bank holiday Monday. This, of course, meant we needed to get vehicles ready for the trip up to Flax Bourton. New […]

Workshop Wednesday – Going Green

The 4.5″ Artillery Gun is going into a more appropriate colour! The tube to hold the wiring is now cut to size and installed, too. It’s amazing what you can find in the depths of the workshop – we needed a charge regulator for the QL Tipper, and one turned up! Apologies for terrible pic. […]

Workshop Wednesday – 9 Weeks To Go…

First Workshop update in a while, plenty to report on…. Pressing on with the 4.5″ Gun, the undersides of the legs have been cleaned up and painted. We’re measuring up new tube to take the electrical cables (the brakes are electronically activated) and need to drill and tap bolt holes to take the saddles that […]

Workshop Wednesday – Stuck Legs and Special Occasions

The biggest leap forward in the workshop over the past few weeks was on the 4.5″ gun. The left hand leg has been stuck fast for a long time, and with the leg attached it is very hard to reach the underside (which has been sat in a field for many years and needs some […]

Workshop Wednesday – Blitz House Mk.III Begins

In the workshop this week, the 4.5″ gun takes another leap forward as the elevation quadrant mechanism is freed off, meaning it can swing. The whole area was then cleaned up and painted in primer. Next up are the large bearings on the recoil mechanism, and the whole lot has to be turned over and […]

Workshop Wednesday – Braving the Chill

Great news! The GOG squad have succeeded in getting the little black Austin running and driving around the yard. Looks like it may make it to the show under its own steam, fingers crossed! The 4.5″ Artillery Gun has had more wire brushing, paint, and attention to theĀ bearings. These have been cleaned up of old […]

Workshop Wednesday – Rust begone!

What a great step forward in the workshop this week. The 4.5″ artillery gun, which has doggedly fought us through every stage of disassembly, finally gave out and with a lift and a twist, the saddle separated from the carriage. This revealed a rather horrid underbelly of rust and a (thankfully abandoned) rats nest. The […]