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How to get that 1940s look!

Happy Monday everyone, Have you been practicing victory rolls all weekend like I have? The wonderful illustrator Lara Lockwood made this poster for the Dig for Victory Show programme a couple of years ago but it’s still a handy guide! If you’ve tried but can’t make your rolls stay up, Poppy’s Hair Salon will be back […]

Make Do Monday – Christmas Dance

I know it’s only Monday but the week will surely fly by as I remind you all that this Saturday the Dig for Victory Show Christmas Dance is on!It’s time to get the shoe polish out, practice those victory rolls and get ready for a festive and fun filled night with a free beginners dance lesson and […]

Make Do Monday – Knitting in October

At the beginning of October I started working on a scarf and was curious if anyone else had some knitting projects in progress. I’ve had a couple of ladies share their wonderful work, scroll down for inspiration!Lindsay is knitting on this beautiful piece, amazing work and lovely colours!Diana has been very busy knitting squares and making a scarf. […]

Make Do Monday – Knitting

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer! As we are now entering October and I’ve got my knitting needles out from hibernation, I thought it would be nice to inspire each other with some making and mending! I would love to know what is on your needles? Have you recently repurposed something? Are […]

10 Things You Might Not Know About The Dig For Victory Show

As we have finally reached the last Monday before the show, I thought we’d share some facts about The Dig for Victory Show that you might not know!1. There is Camping available if you’d like to make a weekend of the event! Learn more about the camping area here and get your weekend+camping tickets here.2. We […]

Make Do Monday – Victory Dance 11th of June

Previous weeks we’ve had a look at what is going on in the marquees in the day time, this week we are thrilled to announce the acts for the Saturday Night Dance at the Show! For the first time ever The Dig for Victory Show will have a fabulous live swing band taking centre stage on […]

Make Do Monday – Inside the Victory Marquee

Last week we had a look at what is happening in the Home Front Marquee at the Dig for Victory Show on the 11th-12th of June. This week we’ll have a look at what will be going on during the daytime in the Victory Marquee!There is a fantastic line up of live music over the two […]

Make Do Monday – Home front Marquee

The Dig for Victory Show is only weeks away now and it looks like spring and sunshine has come to stay! As you can see on the website we’ve got a lot of different activities at the show to see and do, today I thought we would share some of the things happening in the Home front […]

Make Do Monday – Morrison shelter

Following last weeks post about the Anderson Shelter, this week we are looking at the Morrison shelter! The Morrison shelter’s official name is the “Table (Morrison) indoor shelter”, it was designed by John Baker and named after Herbert Morrison who was the Minister of Home Security at the time. The idea for the Morrison shelter […]

Make Do Monday – Anderson Shelters

The Anderson shelter is one of the most recognisable reminders of the Blitz. Around one and a half million shelters were distributed between February 1938 and the outbreak of the war. Over 2.1 million were raised during the war. Designed in 1938 by William Paterson and Oscar Carl Kerrison in a response to a request […]