Dig for Victory Show 2016 In Photos

What a fantastic show it was! IMG_2663A huge thank you to everyone that came. There will be more photos on our website in the gallery but until then here are a some pics from the weekend!DSCN3422Walking down the time line…IMG_2685Peace and love!DSCN3285Northern Ireland display.

dscn3293Cate of VintageGal came to enjoy the show and certainly looked the part in her gorgeous outfit!DSCN3286Two Home Front volunteers in a polaroid.DSCN34191940s Farm.IMG_2678A Steamroller.IMG_2674Looking back up the timeline.IMG_2667Shopping.IMG_2825There were outdoor stalls and inside ones.IMG_2842Curlie’s Vintage!

IMG_2795The cinema.

IMG_2833There was plenty of vintage to try on!DSCN3279If you sat down in the Home Front Marquee you could join in the knitting circle.


DSCN3320Or listen to the Ministry of Food demonstrations.DSCN3322The 1940’s parlour which is part of the set from the film The Imitation Game.
IMG_2619Make a poppy workshop on the Children’s trail.

DSCN3405Food stalls.DSCN3338Tug of war!

DSCN3428Classic cars.DSCN3411Skittles.IMG_2648Innsworth Military Wives Choir in the Victory Marquee.DSCN3357Picnic in the grass.IMG_2859Goodnight Sweethearts and dancing.IMG_2652Bombed out house display.DSCN3315Spitfire Flypast.IMG_2634The Blitz Buddies popular fashion show.DSCN3348The lovely Sticky Toffee Jazz.DSCN3372Vehicles and searchlight down by the arena.DSCN3351If you’ve taken photos at the show that you would like to share with us on our website and social media, feel free to email us: info@digforvictoryshow.com.


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