Workshop Wednesday – More set building and the gun goes green

Kicking things off this Wednesday is the lovely little Austin 10, currently undergoing an overhaul at the hands of the GOG squad. It’s been treated to a fresh set of tyres, and Dennis has driven it around the yard!


In the workshop, the 4.5″ gun carriage, recoil system and legs have been rubbed down and painted, first into red primer, then a coat of green. In the process, the ID plate was rubbed down to reveal that this gun was formerly ‘E’ Sub!

The traverse gear has also been fitted. We were missing a handle for this, luckily the derelict 5.5″/105mm hybrid prototype we have in store was able to yield one, now installed.

More set building has taken place! We were donated a flat screen TV with speakers, our intention is for this to be in the Home Front Marquee to show 1940s films. We needed a suitable surround, and constructed a theatre-style box for it to sit in. Just needs some embellishments and red curtains!

The salvaged children’s wendy house has been given a lick of paint, too.

The bombed-out house has taken a big step forward, the brick cladding is fitted and painting has started (first a coat of primer, then several coats of various mortar and brick colours). The door and window frames are also being spruced up, and the polystyrene ‘rubble’ we made has been wired together to help prevent it blowing away!

Some more items have been dug out of the stores, ready to be sand blasted. On the pallet here is a wartime airborne-spec Jeep trailer, and the spades for the 4.5″ gun. The trailer has had wheel arches added post-war.

It’s all coming together, still plenty more to do!




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