Workshop Wednesday – 9 Weeks To Go…

First Workshop update in a while, plenty to report on….

Pressing on with the 4.5″ Gun, the undersides of the legs have been cleaned up and painted. We’re measuring up new tube to take the electrical cables (the brakes are electronically activated) and need to drill and tap bolt holes to take the saddles that hold the tube.

We also took the opportunity to take the whole gun outside and turn it 180 degrees to make it easier to work on.

We also did a test on one of the searchlights in preparation for the show. It fired up rather well! This is a wartime searchlight that has at one point been rebuilt with more modern internals. Mark’s also been working on the second Morrison Shelter, this has been converted into a bench at one point, so needed cutting apart as the base had become the top!

A new manifold and carburettor for the Bedford QL Tipper has arrived, this will have the faces machined and new gasket fitted.

Members of the gun crew partook in a training weekend at Larkhill held by The Garrison Artillery Volunteers. While the weather ranged from the glorious to the atrocious, a fantastic and educational time was had by all. Practical lessons and training accompanied informative presentations, all rounded off by in- and out-of action drills on Salisbury Plain!

Set building continues apace. The inner walls of the bombed out house have been clad ready to be wallpapered. The brick sheet has arrived for the exterior, and the second floor has been built, and promptly put in the fire to weather it! Paul managed to find some appropriate lead piping and furniture, as well as making Herringbone bracing for the floor joists.

We had a large chunk of polystyrene left over from the Dinosaur project, we are hoping to use this as the ‘smashed’ bricks on the end of the walls. To cut away large portions without making a mess, we made up a hot wire using the bonfire, some fence wire, and pliers.

Meanwhile Paddy set to with stencilling all the yellow tank signs Dave has painted ready for this year. Keep an eye out for these around Somerset!


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