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The Dig for Victory Show spotted in Bishopstonvoice! 11-12th of June! Find out more on the website, link in bio. #digforvictoryshow #digforvictoryshow2016 #bristol #1940s #1940sfestival #militaryvehicles #vintagestalls #livemusic #tearoomandbar

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Regram @skirtallweek working on land girl overalls for the Dig for Victory Show 11th and 12th of June! #digforvictoryshow2016 #digforvictoryshow #landgirlstyle #weekendfestival #bristol #singersewingmachine #makedoandmend #handmade

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Workshop Wednesday – Going Green

The 4.5″ Artillery Gun is going into a more appropriate colour! The tube to hold the wiring is now cut to size and installed, too. It’s amazing what you can find in the depths of the workshop – we needed a charge regulator for the QL Tipper, and one turned up! Apologies for terrible pic. […]

Make Do Monday – Morrison shelter

Following last weeks post about the Anderson Shelter, this week we are looking at the Morrison shelter! The Morrison shelter’s official name is the “Table (Morrison) indoor shelter”, it was designed by John Baker and named after Herbert Morrison who was the Minister of Home Security at the time. The idea for the Morrison shelter […]

Workshop Wednesday – 9 Weeks To Go…

First Workshop update in a while, plenty to report on…. Pressing on with the 4.5″ Gun, the undersides of the legs have been cleaned up and painted. We’re measuring up new tube to take the electrical cables (the brakes are electronically activated) and need to drill and tap bolt holes to take the saddles that […]

Make Do Monday – Anderson Shelters

The Anderson shelter is one of the most recognisable reminders of the Blitz. Around one and a half million shelters were distributed between February 1938 and the outbreak of the war. Over 2.1 million were raised during the war. Designed in 1938 by William Paterson and Oscar Carl Kerrison in a response to a request […]