Workshop Wednesday – Stuck Legs and Special Occasions

The biggest leap forward in the workshop over the past few weeks was on the 4.5″ gun.

The left hand leg has been stuck fast for a long time, and with the leg attached it is very hard to reach the underside (which has been sat in a field for many years and needs some TLC).

WSW Crew members set to with jacks, blocks, big spanners and lots of grease to try and extract the kingpin, which did come out at last.

The leg was still retained by the sleeve, which didn’t give any sign of budging. A system was rigged up with some C-channel, the 10 ton press, and chains. We used a trolley jack to take the tension off the leg by adjusting the end up and down. The sleeve eventually came out, phew!

Manoeuvring of the gantry allowed us to extract the leg and turn it over ready to be cleaned up. Just the other side to do now, then we can fix up the underside of the carriage.

Last Sunday, the crew was called upon to put on their uniforms and provide vehicles for a wedding at Clevedon Hall. A great day, and good chance to get some of the machines out of hibernation. The Shopland Collection provided the 25 Pounder Gun ‘F-Sub’, Bofors 40mm AA gun, Bedford OY, 2 Jeeps and the Fox armoured car.

All the vehicles required prep and ‘waking up’ beforehand but all went smoothly. The OY did very well running relays to deliver the big guns.




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