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Get ready for this years Dig for Victory Show with a Swing dance lesson with Bristol Swing! Visit the Dig for Victory Facebook for more details! #vintage #dance #swing #festival #digforvictory show #retro #summer #Bristol

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Workshop Wednesday – Stuck Legs and Special Occasions

The biggest leap forward in the workshop over the past few weeks was on the 4.5″ gun. The left hand leg has been stuck fast for a long time, and with the leg attached it is very hard to reach the underside (which has been sat in a field for many years and needs some […]

Workshop Wednesday – Blitz House Mk.III Begins

In the workshop this week, the 4.5″ gun takes another leap forward as the elevation quadrant mechanism is freed off, meaning it can swing. The whole area was then cleaned up and painted in primer. Next up are the large bearings on the recoil mechanism, and the whole lot has to be turned over and […]

As #digforvictoryshow is a home front show, we like to be able to represent the enormous contribution women made to the war effort. #internationalwomensday #womenslandarmy #auxiliaryterritorialservice #blitzbuddies #digforvictoryshow2016

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Make Do Monday – The posters are here!

The posters and flyers for the Dig for Victory Show 2016 have been printed and are ready to go! As we are all very excited I thought it would be nice to share some of our highlights videos from previous years. Tickets are now available online and remember that tickets for the evening dance are limited, so grab one […]

Workshop Wednesday – Braving the Chill

Great news! The GOG squad have succeeded in getting the little black Austin running and driving around the yard. Looks like it may make it to the show under its own steam, fingers crossed! The 4.5″ Artillery Gun has had more wire brushing, paint, and attention to the bearings. These have been cleaned up of old […]