Make Do Monday – Poppies Finished!

Hello Monday makers!

As you might remember from last week, Paddy started knitting some poppies and this week we’ve got the results! The first of the three patterns to be tried out was a woman’s weekly poppy pattern:100_1069This pattern was more for the experienced knitter working with very small needles and intricate details. But look at the result, the leaf and the petals on this poppy are beautiful!

Now, the second two poppies are much easier and quicker for those of you holding out for a different alternative. They use larger needles (3mm and 3.5mm) and have no leaves.100_1072Both of the other patterns were free downloads. One of them came from a great source of free patterns; 2


They are all different sizes and have slightly different details but all look really nice and is a fun, smaller project for those looking to have something to do in an evening or two. Below is a photo of all three poppies!

100_1071If you came to last years show you might have noticed that we made felt poppies in the Home Front Marquee? We had a lot of children learning how to sew on buttons by making their own poppies using red felt and a black button and thread. DSCN0228


So don’t worry if you can’t figure knitting out on your own, come and join us by the Make do and Mend table on the 11th and 12th of June at the North Somerset Showground and try out what works best for you!


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