Workshop Wednesday – Rust begone!

What a great step forward in the workshop this week. The 4.5″ artillery gun, which has doggedly fought us through every stage of disassembly, finally gave out and with a lift and a twist, the saddle separated from the carriage.

This revealed a rather horrid underbelly of rust and a (thankfully abandoned) rats nest.

The rust was tackled with the wire brushes, chisels and air tools, taking it back to bare metal.

Some zinc primer was duly slapped on to protect it.

Meanwhile, Rich and Mark were kept busy with the Chevrolet Field Artillery Tractor. The roof hatch, which has been bent for a long time, has been straightened and we are working on fitting a new hinge, the old one having succumbed to the elements.

This example is fitted with a Bedford 28hp engine. We suspect it has bottom end wear (Possibly caused by weak oil pressure) and have been trying to diagnose the problem. Mark removed the radiator for better access. The engine is pictured with the rocker cover off.

Over on the 25 Pounder, Jon has been removing the clamps that hold the manoeuvring handles in place (or don’t hold them in place, as Dave found out rather painfully). The springs in the clamps have worn and are not locking in properly. Some fresh grease, and packing out the springs with washers will hopefully do the trick.

Meanwhile, a few items in the collection have moved on to pastures new. The first to go was this Harvey Frost crane (removed from an AEC Matador, which is off to Scotland to be used on a recovery truck based on a Green Goddess (Bedford RLHZ).


The second was one of the Diamond T 969A Wreckers. We were sorry to see this go but it’s off to a new life in Poland. The loading process was interesting (read: gruelling) but we got it on the truck in the end with a little help from the trusty Scania.


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