Make Do Monday – Knit a Poppy

I hope you’ve had a good weekend! Paddy, one of our Dig for Victory Show volunteers, has been very crafty this week and sourced knitting patterns for making a knitted poppy!

I’m very impressed with what she’s done so far, see below for tips on how you can make a knitted poppy yourself.100_1057A quick google search for “knitting patterns for poppies” brought up three patterns which she downloaded and printed out. The one she chose to do first is a Woman’s Weekly pattern. It looked the nicest, so inevitably it was the most complicated!Finished PoppyAbove is a picture of what the finished poppy should look like. The pattern says to use cotton double knitting but since Paddy had some wool at home in the right colours, she’s decided to use what she had instead. It might be a little bit trickier though!
100_1062This pattern uses very small needles (2mm) and double knitting, so the stitches are very tight. It’s also very small to work. In order to shape the petals you often have to knit twice into the next stitch which is a bit of a squeeze.100_1063One of the most challenging steps is casting off for the petals where you have to cast off purl-wise and simultaneously work twice into every alternate stitch. This gives the edge of the poppy a wavy finish, but it is quite a fiddle, especially if you’re watching television at the same time!

Paddy is just working on the very intricate leaf which she says requires quite a lot of concentration. The stem is luckily easy so that could be something to look forward to if you give this a go!

You might find that this pattern is more for the experienced knitter. For other women’s weekly knitting patterns click here! We’ll return with the finished result and some more crafty projects next week!


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