Workshop Wednesday – Practice, Polish and Painting

A busy few weeks in the workshop, here’s the highlights…..

Members of the Garrison kindly came down to give us a refresher on the 25 pounder training. We got both guns out in the yard. Had to make sure all the moving parts worked, the leatherwork etc. was refitted, and Harry polished up some cartridges (you can probably guess which ones from the pictures!).

Jon cleaned up and oiled the cartridge boxes to prevent further corrosion. We’ve also found a problem with the hitch end of the gun, where the spring mechanisms that hold the handles (used when the gun is deployed) are not locking in properly, so we’ve disassembled these to see if we can get them working.

We needed some toolboxes for the guns, so got the grinder on these old boxes, then slapped some zinc primer and some green onto them. Dave’s also been giving the Yellow Tank Signs a makeover for this season.

The little Austin’s overhaul under the GOG Squad is well under way. Seen here with the bonnet covers off. The engine is tiny.

The 4.5″ gun is also progressing. We have found that we may need to traverse the saddle in order to remove it from the carriage. Paul and Adrian have been busy re-assembling the traverse gear.

Rich and Mark have been beavering away with the QL Tipper, and the reassembly of the front hubs. Plenty of the components have been cleaned up, straightened, and given a lick of paint.



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