Workshop Wednesday – Soldiering On…

Just a small update this week. Despite the inclement weather, we’ve been continuing to work on the projects currently in the workshops.

On the 4.5″ artillery gun, getting the gantry rolling at last allowed us to move the recoil assembly out of the way and roll the gun carriage back. The aim is to remove the saddle on the gun, which, judging from the manual, is going to be an absolute pig of a job!

The pics show the progress on cleaning up and priming this area so far, and the removal of the kingpin.

We’ve all been making a concerted effort to clean up the 25 pounder guns ahead of a training event, don’t think one of them has had a proper clean in the last 10 years! Plenty of elbow polish later and we seem to be making progress.

To tow the gun, you need a quad, so Rich and Mark have been trying to get the chev up to scratch. Cleaned up fuel pump and carb now fitted, we tried to start it but alas the battery was flat. Out it came to be charged up. Rich is demonstrating the standard quad maintenance perch!

Progress on the QL tipper has seen the front brakes being reassembled. Always good to have a truck that stops as well as starts!




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