Workshop Wednesday – 6 months to go….

It’s a scary thought that we have less than half a year until the 2016 show, better get going on the jobs list!

Our gantry crane has gained a brand new set of wheels, fitted by Harry. This should make working on the 4.5″ gun a lot easier, as well as vehicle restorations in the future.

Moving on to the gun, with the main components apart we need to get the moving parts working again. In its time being used as a test bed, these quick-release parts have been welded solid. We needed to cut through the weld to enable the quadrant on this side to move again. Shown here with the first angle grinder cut, we later went to the oxy-acetylene torch to get through the weld.


Similarly, the locking pin on the bottom of the quadrant had been welded up. More gas, more grinding, unbolting, and a fair bit of hammering from James and Paul saw this free at last. Meanwhile, Adrian needle-gunned the saddle to get it ready to be cleaned up and painted.

On the 25 pounder guns, Harry has done a good job of cleaning up and freeing off components. F Sub is pictured here with the breech block removed, and the freshened up fastenings next to the towing eye. When in use, carry handles are inserted in to these, enabling the gun to be moved more easily.

Over on the Bedford QL Tipper, Mark was cleaning up contacts on the distributor and plumbing in the engine wiring.

After uncovering the parts washer, and giving it a well-needed scrubbing out, Rich was able to clean up the fuel pump from the Chevrolet FAT. Nice and shiny! We need to take a look at the filters before refitting, as this vehicle has suffered a bit from sediment getting in to the fuel system.



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