Workshop Wednesday – At the Movies

A special outing on Saturday afternoon saw us at the Curzon Cinema in Clevedon, for a screening of Nöel Coward’s 1945 film ‘Brief Encounter’.


What a lovely time we had despite the dreary weather outside! There was a tea dance and hair styling as well as tasty cakes inside, and short films were screened during the afternoon. Thanks go to Jan for organising it.

Meanwhile, back in the workshop, we’ve made more progress on the Bedford QL Tipper, which has a drum refitted and the dashboard is being repainted white, as was typical of commercial vehicles. Helps brighten things up a bit!

We had a huge sort around as well, in order to get the ‘F Sub’ gun as well as the existing 25 pounder into the running shed, where we can set to getting it all cleaned up and functioning smoothly. The Bedford OY did the honours of manoeuvring it around the yard.


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