Make Do Monday – Paper Christmas Decorations

I’m not really a fan of the shops tradition of bringing out all of the Christmas decorations at the same time as Halloween. Seen as it was the first Sunday of advent yesterday and the first of december tomorrow, I think it is alright to start feeling a bit Christmassy now though.

I have decided to make my own Christmas decorations this year and you could too! For the paper decorations I’m about to show, you don’t even have to buy anything! All you need is some kind of paper; be it leftover wrapping paper an old newspaper or even a book that is falling to pieces.


Apart from the paper you will also need:

  • A ruler
  • a pair of scissors
  • a pencil
  • string
  • a stapler
  • a glue stick


I am recycling this pretty wrapping paper with roses and writing. Because it is white on the back I am going to fold over my strips of paper. If you are using card or paper with print on both sides you don’t have to fold and glue your strips of paper.


Start by marking out long strips approximately 4 cm wide.


Cut these out on the line, glue together and fold in half.


Now cut your long strips of paper into 1 x 10 cm, 2 x 12 cm, 2 x 14 cm and 2 x 16 cm. Lay them as seen above with the shortest strip in the middle and the longest on the sides.


Lay all of your pieces together as above and staple once or twice through the lot. Tie a knot on a piece of string.


Pinch all of the pieces together at the top and lay the piece of string in the middle of the strips. Staple through all of the pieces.


You can also make lots of different sized and printed ones if you like, all from bits you’ve got at home!


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