Workshop Wednesday – Clearing the Decks

As mentioned before, we’re making a concerted effort to finish all the current projects in the workshop before bringing new ones in. Currently we have:

Bedford QL Tipper in Bay 1

4.5″ Artillery Gun in Bay 2

Waiting in the wings is the Chevrolet FAT, which does need some TLC to bring it up to standard for use with the ‘new’ 25 pounder gun. There’s also the Bedford MW which is currently paused awaiting a slot.

HOWEVER, Airship 1 does need to be done by 2016’s show, so we brought the front axles around to the door to get them apart (we vowed not to bring them inside for fear of not getting them out again!). The idea is to make one good axle from the two steering ones, both very battered and bruised after a hard life.

It looks like we have two good un-seized hubs so they will be shortly off to Mike N to rebuild and reassemble them.

IMG_3031 IMG_3034

It was a pretty bitter wind outside as you can tell from Mark’s attire!

Meanwhile, Adrian, Rich and Jon were freeing off and greasing more parts of the 4.5″ artillery gun. This handle on the leg, and the tow hitch are now much nicer to move and require a lot less hammer!


Mike, Jon and I were also carrying on with the brake drums on the Bedford QL tipper. There was a mix of decades-old grease and corrosion on these, which was wire brushed, scraped and chiselled off. To protect it from oxidation, I gave in and added thinner to the tub of World’s Oldest Primer, which magically transformed it from the consistency of blu-tac to that of actual paint!

IMG_3037 IMG_3072 IMG_3070

On Sunday 22nd a small detachment was dispatched to the Malvern Militaria Fair to spread the word about the show on 2016, recruit stallholders, and of course buy things.

It does say something for me that the only things I took photos of were wooden boxes! They were very nice boxes, though…

IMG_3078 IMG_3091 IMG_3085


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