Workshop Wednesday – Winter is Coming

Two weeks have passed, but we have not been idle. Importantly, the Austin 10 is now idling after some mechanical attention, which is very promising. Next job is to remove and clean out the fuel tank.

In the main ‘shop, now the Jeep is out of the way we can make better use of the space. The not-round wheels have finally been knocked off the gantry, we need to find some suitable replacements. In the meantime the gantry has been erected over the 4.5″ gun, which should allow us to lift some of the really heavy components.

Rob, the latest recruit to the Workshop Wednesday Crew, has a background in armaments and should be able to help us get the gun project back on track!

A few of the parts have been cleaned up and treated to some zinc primer.

The final few pics show how just clearing space around the items being worked on can transform the look of the workshop. Note that the wheels are back on the gun, too.

Project AIRSHIP ONE is getting off the ground (hurrr hurrr) as the front axles have been delivered to the workshop. The idea is to make one good steering axle with a drawbar arrangement to allow the airship to be towed around the countryside. These will need stripping down and rebuilding.

The other upshot of the Jeep’s departure is that work can recommence on the Bedford QL tipper. Rich is working his magic on the wiring loom so we can look at turning it over soon.

We’ve started to clean up and paint the surfaces that will not be visible, first with zinc primer and then black gloss to help waterproof it. The inside of the nose cone is one of these areas, as pictured.

One of the longer term projects, the Diamond T Wrecker, had to be moved, as it was parked next to the bonfire, which isn’t healthy for vehicles at this time of year. Using the trusty David Brown tractor, we bump started it and trundled the old girl up on to the high ground. This should help prevent it sinking into the soil while we sort out some longer term storage.



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