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Make Do Monday – Paper Christmas Decorations

I’m not really a fan of the shops tradition of bringing out all of the Christmas decorations at the same time as Halloween. Seen as it was the first Sunday of advent yesterday and the first of december tomorrow, I think it is alright to start feeling a bit Christmassy now though. I have decided […]

Workshop Wednesday – Clearing the Decks

As mentioned before, we’re making a concerted effort to finish all the current projects in the workshop before bringing new ones in. Currently we have: Bedford QL Tipper in Bay 1 4.5″ Artillery Gun in Bay 2 Waiting in the wings is the Chevrolet FAT, which does need some TLC to bring it up to […]

Make Do Monday – Proper Tea

I’ve got a busy day ahead so I’m going to make myself a cup of tea and get on with it. As a treat I thought I’d share this video with tips on how to make tea sponsored by the Empire Tea Bureau in 1941. The six golden rules if you can remember:   Always use a […]

Workshop Wednesday – Brake Drums and Big Guns

As always, plenty going on in the workshops… On the Bedford QL Tipper, Rich was kept busy rebuilding the front brake assemblies with the refurbished cylinders. One of the brake lines had a hole in, so this was removed and a replacement will need to be made up. Slightly fiddly as it wraps under the […]

Team training weekend on the 25 pounder #artillery gun with The Garrison #digforvictoryshow

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Make Do Monday – Clothes rationing

Last week I went to an event in Bristol called “Love the future of fashion”. I learned that in the UK we throw away 1.5 million tonnes of clothing every year. Some because the clothes aren’t made from good quality in the first place but also because we buy a lot more clothes than we need today. This […]

Workshop Wednesday – Winter is Coming

Two weeks have passed, but we have not been idle. Importantly, the Austin 10 is now idling after some mechanical attention, which is very promising. Next job is to remove and clean out the fuel tank. In the main ‘shop, now the Jeep is out of the way we can make better use of the […]

Make Do Monday – Sewing the sleeves and finishing the dress

This is the final part of the sew-along! Today I am going to show you how to sew the sleeves in and finish the dress off by sewing the hem and adding the final touches! Here is a link for the first part of the sew along if you’ve missed the details for the pattern etc. […]