Workshop Wednesday – New Projects…

Maybe that should be ‘new to us’ projects, as everything we have is at least second or third hand!

The G.O.G. Squad (AKA The Monday Men/The Torpedo Team), famous for their work in restoring both the sectioned display torpedo (as seen on the Battle of the Atlantic display at the 2015 show) and the 1918 vintage petrol pump have taken on a 1934 Austin 10 Lichfield. This hasn’t been driven for many years (I believe it was last taxed in 1989). Dennis has previously owned and restored a couple of these, so it looks like it’ll be in safe hands!

It was rather dusty when it arrived in the yard so we gave it a wash before wheeling it in to the workshop.

So far, Dennis has had a few sputters out of the engine but the thread on the carb is stripped, so a repair is necessary.

Now… the big one! Following on from the big 2013-14 project of The Ops Room, we seem to have acquired something even bigger. This zeppelin/gondola combo was formerly part of a fairground ride. It is mostly fibreglass on a steel frame. The War and Peace Revival has another one of these, dressed as a German Zeppelin. We are going to adapt ours to look more like a barrage balloon (our logo), and to use it to promote the show.

So far, Mike has been trying to sort out the wheels to make it more easily manoeuvrable. We have wheels and tyres but alas one of the hubs is seized. Might need some heat….


It looks like (fingers crossed) we have figured out the wiring gremlins on the Little Lady Jeep, which might be in need of a new lamp switch. It’s been moved out of the workshop for now, to avoid spoiling the lovely new paint!

The Little Lady receiving attention on the wiring
The Little Lady receiving attention on the wiring

At present a large portion of the workshop is taken up by the mighty 4.5″ artillery gun. This has been a long term project and stalled somewhat recently due to the focus on the Jeep. In order to give the project a boost, we are fixing up a spare gantry we found down the back of the proverbial sofa, to more easily lift components. The wheels were decidedly un-round on this, so solid ones are being fitted.


Plenty to get stuck into over winter. Volunteers are always welcome, particularly if you would like to help paint the zeppelin! If you are interested in helping out, drop me a line at


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