Make Do Monday – Making of the skirt

Hello Monday makers, today we are putting our skirt together and attaching it to the bodice pieces and sewing our zip in to the side-seam.

  1. Start by reinforcing the centre of the skirt front yoke and gather the front skirt between the notches.



2. Now pin the front piece yoke to the bottom skirt piece and gather the material so that they line up between the notches. I also cut a small notch on the centre bottom point to make it easier to pin in to place.


Stitch your two curved seams.


3. Make sure that the gathers look even and then press the seam upwards and zigzag/overlock the seams together.

4. Stitch your two bottom back pieces of the skirt together and pin to the top skirt yoke.


5. Pin the back pieces of the skirt to the back piece of the bodice and gather the material between the notches. Stitch and zigzag/overlock seams together. Press upwards.

6. Do the same with the front skirt pieces and bodice front. Press seam upwards.

7. Stitch the right hand side of the dress together, matching the seams at waist and hips when pinning back and front pieces together.

8. Stitch the lefthand side together from the armhole down to the notch, about an inch. Change your foot to a invisible foot or a zipper foot and sew the zip into place.



9. When the zip is in place, all you’ve got left is the sleeves, hem and details. Let your dress hang for at least twenty-four hours before doing the hem. See you next monday for the finishing of the dress!



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