Make Do Monday – Cutting out your pattern pieces

Sew-along time Monday Makers! If you missed part one click here.


This week we are opening up the pattern and having a look inside at the different pieces that we are going to use to make the fabulous forties inspired dress above.


Before you cut any of your pieces out it would be best to 1) Decide on what size you are cutting out and 2) Choose between the two versions A and B.IMG_2373

By now you should also have chosen the fabric that you are working with. So that you have got something to lay out your pattern pieces onto once you’ve traced off or cut out the 12 pieces in paper. In the picture above you can see some examples of how to lay out your pieces on your material. To make sure you do not waste any material and make the most use of your fabric you may need to move the bits around depending on your pattern size.


If you think you might only do this dress once or you’re only going to do it in one size you can cut along the line of your patterns pieces in the size you wish to make the dress in. I like to reuse my patterns for different projects so I tend to trace the pieces off onto tracing paper. You can get this in most haberdasheries or you can use baking paper. You want to be able to transfer the correct lines and details on to each one of your pieces so you don’t end up confused when putting your dress together.


For example here I have traced off piece number 8; the skirt yoke front in a size 10, I know that I need to cut out 2 on fold and I’ve also made a mark for the notches.

Next week we are getting our sewing machines out and starting by sewing the top of the dress together, feel free to ask questions in the comments section if you get stuck!


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