Workshop Wednesday – Shuffle

The everlasting game of musical vehicles continues! It was high time we unloaded the 3.7inch gun (all 9 tons of it) off the Scania as it likely wasn’t doing the lorry any good.


When that was done, the question was; where shall we put it?


Ah, a nice fit at the back of the shed, but now we are down by one space. So… which truck needs work doing to it?

The Chevrolet FAT was chosen, this needs some welding done to the roof hatch to improve its all-weather capability (the semi convertible is fine in good weather but winter is on the way). Off it goes to the Running Shed (Land Rovers providing front and rear escort as driving vintage green vehicles in the dark can be a somewhat risky experience).


There’s a new arrival in the yard, too. This is an American-built Diamond T 969 wrecker. Post-war it’s been modified with a Harvey Frost crane and a few other changes, including a rather large Leyland diesel engine. We have another 969 in the restoration queue, but the plan is to clear our desks (and the workshop) before taking this project on.

It arrived on Ewan’s trusty low loader. Slight issue of unloading – no brakes and no batteries! The David Brown tractor stepped in with a solid tow bar to ease it down the ramp and in to the field. Ewan was able to bump start it to drive it in to position.


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