Monthly Archives: October 2015

Workshop Wednesday – New Projects…

Maybe that should be ‘new to us’ projects, as everything we have is at least second or third hand! The G.O.G. Squad (AKA The Monday Men/The Torpedo Team), famous for their work in restoring both the sectioned display torpedo (as seen on the Battle of the Atlantic display at the 2015 show) and the 1918 […]

Make Do Monday – Making of the skirt

Hello Monday makers, today we are putting our skirt together and attaching it to the bodice pieces and sewing our zip in to the side-seam. Start by reinforcing the centre of the skirt front yoke and gather the front skirt between the notches. 2. Now pin the front piece yoke to the bottom skirt piece and […]

Workshop Wednesday – Will Return!

No ‘proper’ WSW post this week, we’ve been busy tidying and mending stuff but don’t have any pictures to show! Rest assured, there will be a bigger update next week!

Make Do Monday – Sewing the bodice of the dress

It is Monday again and it’s time to thread up your sewing machines, today we will start to assemble our dresses! For this sew-along we are using the 1587 Simplicity pattern. Click here to catch up! I’ve chosen to work with this crepe backed satin in a royal blue colour as I think it will […]

Workshop Wednesday – Research

When working with vehicles and equipment from the past, it’s always interesting to try and find out information on where they have been, what they were used for, and other details in their history. At the weekend, Ian from the Matador Survivors Database paid us a visit. Ian is compiling a pictorial list of the […]

Make Do Monday – Cutting out your pattern pieces

Sew-along time Monday Makers! If you missed part one click here. This week we are opening up the pattern and having a look inside at the different pieces that we are going to use to make the fabulous forties inspired dress above. Before you cut any of your pieces out it would be best to 1) Decide […]

Workshop Wednesday – Shuffle

The everlasting game of musical vehicles continues! It was high time we unloaded the 3.7inch gun (all 9 tons of it) off the Scania as it likely wasn’t doing the lorry any good. When that was done, the question was; where shall we put it? Ah, a nice fit at the back of the shed, […]

Make Do Monday – Get Ready for a Sew-Along

Hello Monday Makers, I think it’s time for a sew-along! I’m going to make myself one of these retro inspired dresses and I would love it if you joined me! As most vintage patterns tend to come in limited sizes I thought that Simplicity’s 1587 “Miss petite dress” would be accessible for most people. The pattern comes […]