Workshop Weddingsday – Mission Accomplished!

Well, the month has flown by, and you are all overdue an update of what’s been going on.

The main thing is, the ‘Little Lady’ Willys Jeep started after her full restoration. We had a rather important fixed deadline to meet, and the whole team pulled together to get it finished on time.

This vehicle has been owned by James since he was 15. Here’s a pic of the rather sad state she was in years ago, after an incident with a bus.


After a lot of work, the little jeep rose from the ashes and was able to fulfil its duties as the wedding car at the marriage of James and Sam, our two most dedicated organisers and the masterminds of the show.


… and what better way to run in the fresh engine than a jaunt across Wiltshire and Somerset on the way home? The ever-faithful Beachmaster came back on the trailer. Just a few more things left to do on the Little Lady, so it was back in to the workshop to be finished off.


Finally, last Sunday we took two Jeeps and the Fox Armoured Car down to the Avon Valley Railway for their 1940s event. It was a spectacular day, the weather was brilliant and we all had a great time. There were plenty of friends there including the Blitz Buddies and Jayne Darling.

Here’s a video from the AVR’s youtube channel of the event:



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