Jeep nears completion

It’s all go, go, go with the ‘Little Lady’ Jeep restoration in the workshop. A very important date is nearing for which it would be great to have it working!

Pictures speak a thousand words so here’s photos of the gang bolting bits on, wiring and plumbing it all in and adding all the accessories that turn it from a blank canvas into an individual Jeep.

Fingers crossed we can connect up the radiator, finish the loom, top up the fluids and attempt to start it soon!

Workshop Wednesday – Threading a 12 Ton Needle

Not a huge amount to report in picture form this week, the main task for Wednesday was to extricate an Austin Champ from the back of the shed. The space this vacated was immediately used to house some of our artillery emplacement set!

This required some careful manoeuvring with the mighty Scania, loaded with the 3.7″ artillery gun, dragging the big trailer with another trailer (RAF Queen Mary) on top, through quite a tight gap, a bit like threading a giant needle.


The champ out in the sun for the first time in years.