Workshop Wednesday at War and Peace Revival

The Workshop Wednesday crew were in attendance at the greatest gathering of military vehicles in the country – the War and Peace Revival in Kent. The show is great in all senses of the word, not least the sheer scale of it.

Of particular interest to us at the Dig For Victory Show was the Home Front area, where our friends and long time supporters The Blitz Buddies were set up. The show is held at Folkestone Racecourse, and the old stable buildings have been used as village shops.

The other displays in the village green were amazing, from the one man poacher’s display to the whole olde english pub (which had come down from Hull!).

On Friday and Sunday we were also invited to take part in the British/German WW2 battle demonstration organised by Tobin Jones. Tobin’s 17pdr gun (as seen at DFVS) was giving the British troops some much-needed support against the German Armour! The Brits won in the end and a convoy of vehicles headed off toward Berlin. Very grateful to the Summer of ’44 guys who leant us kit at the last minute.

The displays at W&P are always impressive and offered lots of inspiration

Here’s more pics. It was a brilliant event and we’d like to say thanks to Rex, Barbara and the War and Peace Team, and everyone who made us feel so welcome!




2 thoughts on “Workshop Wednesday at War and Peace Revival

  1. That looks like an amazing event. I love all the little shops and Post Office, it all looks so authentic. The bomb disposal is just fantastic. This is definitely another one to add to my list of events to go to!

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