Workshop Wednesday – Action Stations!

It’s the last Wednesday before the show, and the lorries are lined up and ready to head down to the North Somerset Showground with the first few convoys tonight!

The old AEC fire engine has been given a dust down, wash and polish.

The Jeep has gone green at last, and the chassis has returned to be reunited with the tub.

The LP2A carrier has been converted to electronic ignition – it now starts on the button!

Show infrastructure build is still under way, with more of Ken’s marvellous signs and contraptions getting ready to go. The thing that looks like a gallows is to hold the giant ‘Please ring for attention’ bell at the ops room, supplied by Tim!

Some wine boxes have been adapted to house speakers, and Sam’s camping field now has a guard post! The RL was brought up to the yard to be loaded with canvas and sandbags, and the first lot of set has been loaded on to the Scania, now with a fresh MOT.


Stay tuned for more updates over the next few days!


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