Workshop Wednesday – 2 weeks to go…

In just two weeks from today, we’ll be taking the first vehicles and sets up to the showground, so there’s plenty to do!
Firstly – SETS. The periscope box is looking rather smart in naval grey.

The kitchen is nearly complete, and the gang are adding to the ever-growing pile of show signage by manufacturing some new speed limit signs, information boards, and barriers.

It’s only taken us 11 months but the mighty Scania has finally been unloaded! This gave us space to finish off the pillboxes. Test fitting completed, it was time to clad the exteriors.

The petrol pump is looking fantastic…




On to the vehicles, we’ve been busy trying to get trucks ‘woken up’, including the Matador timber tractor, Austin gun portee and Beachmaster Jeep. The ‘Little Lady’ Jeep has had a few coats of Army green  on the underside…

Rich has managed to fix the vacuum-operated wipers on the OY, yay!
IMG_9821One MASSIVE task has been to make the Spitfire Wing/DJ booth trailer more easily transportable. The donation of some commercial spec tyres has enabled us to move the trailer back to the yard to get some braces for the wings made up.


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