Dig for Victory Show – a Weekend Festival to Look forward to!

Happy Monday! It is now only three weeks and five days until the gates of the show open! I thought we could have a little look through what is on the agenda!

2014-show-6There are many attractions to look forward to, in the Victory Marquee there is a lot of fun happening!

2014-show-45BBC Historian and presenter James Holland will be talking about some of the common misconceptions around WWII, helping set the record straight.

2014-show-5We’ve got several re-enactors spread across the site, some of who will participate in the arena where you can see military vehicles and tanks.


2014-show-44We have got several music acts lined up across the weekend. The talented trumpeter and vocalist Ricky Hunter will performing alongside the top vintage and 1940s vocalist Jayne Darling. DJ UXB will be playing from his extensive collection of music from wartime and blitz music through to late 1940’s jump and jive, rhythm and blues.

229147_206907572674838_3652723_nThe Good Night Sweethearts; Connie and Flo will be performing a selection of songs made famous by The Andrew Sisters, Nat King Cole, Glenn Miller and more.

emily right and the royalsEmily Wright and The Royals will be performing on Sunday the 14th of June! Check out their soundcloud!

Did you know that there is camping available? You can get a weekend ticket with camping here and don’t forget to purchase your ticket for the Saturday night dance as the numbers are limited and it was very popular last year!

girl with drinks

dancingPhotos from the dance in the Victory marquee at last years show!


2014-show-48In the Homefront Marquee there are plenty of things to look at, vintage stalls and amazing food produce.


2014-show-32Are you looking forward to going back in time? Check out our main website to get more information about our fantastic 1940s festival on the 13-14h of June 2015!


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