Workshop Wednesday – Tanks for the Sets

It’s like a scene from ‘The Birds’ in the workshop as the stencils dry on the tanks…

IMG_9635… Tom has been tidying up these as they were getting a bit tired, should be nice and fresh and ready to be put out soon.

Mark and Rich have been working on the Jeep tub, finishing off the last few bits before it gets painted. The floor of the rear stowage box needed replacement, shown here being welded in, finished, and painted with zinc primer.

Saturday’s set building gang was working on finishing the walls and ‘lids’ of the two pillboxes, which are now ready to be clad.

The children’s trail board and picket fences for the tea room are seen drying after a coat of paint.

We’re also modifying the former hut roof sections to be the back wall of the kitchen so they stand up straight (and can be fixed to our Shopland-Spec™ interlocking wooden floor boards).

Finally, the Beach Master was up at St. James’ Park in London taking part in the VE day celebrations over the weekend, looking very smart!




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