Workshop Wednesday – North Somerset Show & The Joy of Sets

Bank Holiday Monday was the 2015 North Somerset Show, which was attended by the DFVS team, Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society, and Shopland Collection.

We took a few vehicles down on Sunday night. The RL put up a bit of a fuss to begin with, but managed to drag the 40mm Bofors gun without any major issues.

The Matador Timber Tractor especially benefited from a good run.

A big part of the volunteers team were at The North Somerset Show to share some of our love for the 1940s and hand out our flyers for the Dig for Victory Show 2015 which is less than six weeks away!

IMG_9591We had an air shelter showing footage from last years show as well as some military vehicles.



The Workshop Wednesday team were present.

IMG_9592As well as Sam and Liz who did a fantastic job handing out flyers and spreading the word about the show!

We also had a look around the North Somerset Show to see some of their many attractions.

The Beachmaster was polished up and looking its best, and several demonstrations were done with the gun showing off the traverse and elevation, which drew a crowd.

Back at the mill, we were working hard on completing the refurbishment of the picket fences for the tea rooms, and ‘Project Pillbox’ – a new set piece for this year.

In the workshop, the big news is that the body tub for the ‘Little Lady’ jeep has returned with plenty of fresh metal! It’s in need of a coat of paint underneath and finishing off, but we couldn’t resist offering it up to the chassis!


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