Workshop Wednesday – Tractors, Trucks and Kitchens

With the weeks to the show counting down, we’re racing ahead on multiple fronts down in the workshop….

On the Staghound Armoured car (Which made it’s debut at last year’s show), Jason has been making great strides forward. All the welding has been completed on the hull, it is hoped to get the interior blasted and painted white by the end of the month. Also pictured are several items being trial fitted, such as the hydrovacs.

Meanwhile, a shuffle-around in the yard allowed us to get a spare Bedford RL cab up onto the shelf. The freshly-repainted Austin Gipsy fire pump and Bedford TL timber truck came out into the sunshine for a rare photo opportunity. Into the corner went the Crossley tractor unit, another vehicle in the restoration queue.

Willys Jeep ‘The Little Lady’ is awaiting the return of the body tub. Jon has welded up the cracks in the bonnet (which were causing it to flex)

We removed the windscreens on the Bedford QL Tipper, allowing us to get at the rust on the cab front and apply a coat of primer.

Now, onto the sets! This year, we need to build a kitchen display area for the home front marquee. Handily, this bar was perched on a shelf in the sawmill. After a clean and some wood treatment, it looks perfect for the job.

More set pieces from ‘The Imitation Game’ have been dug out of the stores, to serve as the floor and walls. Should look good!

We have also started preparing the handmade picnic benches for the show, by giving them a coat of oil. Need to make a few more, though!

Finally, Pete has taken one of the old Ferguson tractors under his wing, and got it running and driving for the first time in years!





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