Workshop Wednesday – Sun, Rust and Sets

A productive week! Here’s a round-up of what’s been going on in the workshops…

The old rusty metal platform atop the Ops Room has been removed at last. This was made of two very heavy aluminium checker plate sheets on a steel frame, which had succumbed to the elements. Using the land rover and tractor as mobile stepladders, we were able to remove it all.

Big news – The Little Lady Jeep’s engine/transmission is in! Eddie and Herb have got it mounted, just needs plumbing in and wiring up.

Rich and Harry have been trying to get the LP2A carrier to run again so it can feature at this year’s show. The engine cowling was removed to allow access, exposing the V8 engine underneath.

Progress on the Bedford QL Tipper continues, the dashboard and binnacles are being cleaned up and new wiring added…

… while the cab front and interior are ground back to remove peeling paint and rust. The damaged and patched front wheel arch has been hammered out, too.

Also – set building! Saturday was a beautiful day, allowing us to further reduce the enormous pile of leftover blast wall, and in the process build two pillboxes and a special project for the children’s trail… See if you can guess what it is!




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