Make Do Monday – How to make a headscarf

Have you got some scrap fabric lying around at home? Why not turn it in to a scarf and brighten up a bad hair day.

DIGITAL CAMERAAt last years show I learnt from the Blitz Buddies 1940s fashion show that hair snoods and headscarves were not just fashionable, they were also practical and protected women from getting their hair caught in machinery at work. Until I’ve figured out how to crochet a hair snood/net I thought I’d share this easy pattern for a scarf!

hairsnoodImage source

Apart from a sewing machine you will need:

  • a piece of fabric of your choice which is approximately 90×20 cm.
  • some cotton thread
  • a pair of scissors
  • some pins and one hand sewing needle

DIGITAL CAMERA1. Start by cutting your scarf, either against a folded edge or two pieces of the same length. Cut the ends on an angle like the picture below.

DIGITAL CAMERA2. Pin your pieces with the right side together and stitch about 1 cm from the edge all the way around your raw edges, leaving a hole of about 5 cm (see pic below).

DIGITAL CAMERA3. Remove all of your pins and turn the scarf outside in. Use the end of a pen or knitting needles to get your pointy ends neat and give the scarf a press with an iron on low heat.

DIGITAL CAMERA4. Now thread your needle and close the hole that you left with some stitches along the edge and your are done!



DIGITAL CAMERANow learning how to tie it, is another challenge!

photobyharoldMlambert,jpgImage source


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