Workshop Wednesday – Pump It Up

Here’s a roundup of what’s been going on behind the scenes at the Shopland Collection workshops.

Great news! The engine rebuild for the ‘Little Lady’ jeep has been finished. Needs a lick of paint before the fun part of bolting everything back together!

jeep engine - rebuilt

Pictured on the left are the fenders from the ‘Little Lady’ jeep, ready for stripping and painting.

The photo on the right shows metalwork being prepared for the Bedford MW which Pete is working on.

The Monday team have done an absolutely brilliant job on the vintage petrol pump. Here is a look at the inner workings.

The rear of the pump opens to reveal an operator’s handle. When this is turned, the rack and pinion arrangement in the middle lowers the pump, sucking fuel in. The handle is then turned the opposite way to pump the fuel out!

The only issue with this exhibit is its weight – it is mostly cast iron, very heavy, and without a wide base (as it would have been bolted down to the garage forecourt). We are investigating options on this front.

The Bedford QL tipper truck is also high on our list. The brake cylinders have now been removed (Pictured is the rather fiddly master cylinder, now off the truck). Mark did a good job on taking all the flaky paint and rust off the wheel and hitting it with a coat of primer – just 3 more to do! We need to source new/replacement tyres for this project as the ones we have are oddly sized.

Tim has stripped down the worst of the picket fences so that rotten wood can be replaced, and the rest can be stripped, treated and repainted. Should be good as new come show day!



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