Make Do Monday – How to Sew a Double Hem & Fashion on the Ration

Today in Make Do Monday, we are sharing how to sew a double hem. This is the most common hem and is suitable for straight hems on trousers, aprons, children’s clothes and tops.

Before you start to hem your piece of clothing make sure that you have enough seam allowance, this guide uses about 3.5 cm. If you need to shorten a pair of trousers for example, put a pin to mark the final length of the leg and then add 3.5 cm.


1. Start by folding your raw edge towards the back of your fabric about 1 cm.


2. Pin under the rest of your hem allowance (turning your raw edge under), making sure that the fold is on the required finished hem, here I am pinning about 2.5 cm


3. Sew a straight stitch following your folded line and remove pins as you go along to make sure that you do not break the sewing machine needle. This can also be sewn by hand, just sew a straight stitch going round twice.


4. To finish the stitch, reverse and sew a couple of stitches to close the seam.


An this is what the hem will look like on the inside and from the right side of the fabric. Just give your hem a press with the iron and you are done.

PhotographThere you go, now you know how to shorten a skirt that’s too long or what to do when you’ve been treading on the bottom of your trousers, just shorten them a bit and do a double hem!

Also, the Imperial War Museum has opened an exhibition called ‘Fashion on the Ration’ running from the 5th of March to 31st August 2015. This features plenty of ‘Make Do and Mend’ and show how fashion changed under the strict rules of rationing, right up our street!



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