Workshop Wednesday – Road Trip & Set Building Begins…

Last weekend was the first outing of the year for two of the Shopland Collection vehicles, at the Avenue Drivers Club monthly meet up around Queen Square in Bristol.

In advance of this, we spent Wednesday evening ‘waking up’ some of the trucks. The Bedford OY was one of the chosen steeds, which started very easily (it recently had the engine reconditioned and is still in the running-in phase), but needed the older Merryweather fire engine moving to get it out of the shed. This proved a bit trickier to start. After much tinkering with the spark plugs, magneto and charging the battery, the problem was traced to a blockage in the float chamber, preventing fuel from getting through. With this fixed, she runs just fine.

With the Staghound armoured car now a rolling chassis, this axle was surplus to requirements and has been sold to be used in another restoration, maybe we’ll be able to get two Stags together soon!

Sunday morning saw the team up bright and early, the Bedford OY and Jeep started up and taken in to Bristol. The Queen Square meet happens on the second Sunday of every month and is well worth a visit, it was also the perfect opportunity to promote the show!

The OY and Beach Master certainly made an interesting contrast with Ferraris and other classics.

You can see more photos from Sunday on this flickr album

We’ve also made a start on building our set pieces for this year. We really want to incorporate a pillbox, of the type built by the thousand in Britain, preparing for the German invasion.

We still have several leftover sections of brick and blast wall, so after some measuring, we cut the timber, then measured again and cut some more, then measured again and scratched our heads, then decided it would probably be fine.

Adrian has audited all of the signs we have and need for the show, which should give our hard working volunteers something to work on! Speaking of which, the Torpedo Team have turned their attention to a vintage petrol pump owned by the Shopland Collection, and have done a marvellous job of it. The Torpedo’s warhead can be seen in primer.

Upon seeing this, I got the bug for some restoration work, so jet-washed the flaky paint off the picket fencing (used last year for the tea rooms) – this needs some love as it has suffered from woodworm, so will be treated, repaired and repainted. I then got carried away and unblocked the gutters on the barn, which was disgusting.





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