Workshop Wednesday – Trucks, trucks, trucks

Here’s what we’ve been up to in the Shopland Collection Workshops this week…

Pete has made a start on the Bedford MW, seen here with the door on to test fitment.



In an effort to keep the place tidy, we’ve stacked essential clutter inside the QL Tipper truck so we can work on it (it’s a big beast and takes up a lot of space!). The wheels all need to come off for the brakes to be worked on and tyres changed, the first of which is seen here.

Mark has been working on fitting a new fuel filter into the AEC Matador Timber Tractor. This required some adjustment to the mounting holes. The lift pump was also blocked and preventing fuel getting through, so this was removed for cleaning out.

Meanwhile, the now-fully functional dash panel on the Bedford QL truck is fitted in place, it’s marvellous to see everything light up as it should! As a bonus, the driver’s side windscreen wiper still works!


Out in the yard, with the QL Tipper now having vacated its hiding place, this Crossley tractor unit was dragged through for storage pending restoration. Not a quick job!



Meanwhile, Jason has been busy working on the the Staghound Armoured Car. The welding on the hull has been completed, cracks filled and bent bits straightened and replaced. They are currently waiting on good weather to blast and paint the hull.



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