Workshop Wednesday – Let There Be Lights!

Rich’s hard work has paid off and the QL truck now has a working lighting circuit!

There’s a few small jobs left to do, then the dash panel can be bolted back in. The truck’s paint needs a tidy when the weather warms up, and the ripped canvas will soon be repaired.

Not content with just one QL… Look at what we found in the yard!

This tipper truck is currently a non-runner. The aim is for this to operate alongside the Matador Timber Tractor to demonstrate ex-military vehicles in private ownership after the war.

Speaking of Matadors, this sorry looking chassis had to be moved out of the way. It’s one that was used as a recovery vehicle by a firm in Rochdale, and by the looks of the tree that was growing through the chassis, had been laid up for a while. One of the springs has been cut off at some point, giving it a lopsided look.

Mark and I had been clearing the ‘transit bay’ space, left vacant now that the (multicoloured) forklift is back in action, as the QL is somewhat bigger. Jon and James managed to manoeuvre the truck into the space using the forklift. It was a tight fit!




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