Make Do Monday – How to sew on a patch

Now, I don’t know about you but I am pretty good at keeping my clothes in one piece. One of the Workshop Wednesday crew has however got a few rips in their work trousers so I thought I would show you how to sew on a patch in this Make Do Monday post!

I did this job on my sewing machine simply because it is a bit faster and easier, if you prefer to sew by hand it is pretty much the same procedure. Apart from a sewing machine and your broken item of clothing, you will need:

IMG_8486Some pins, a pair of scissors, a thread in a matching colour and a patch in the same kind of material as your item of clothing. In my case I’ve got a scrap piece of denim to go with the pair of jeans that I’m mending.

IMG_8488Make sure that the piece you are patching with is a bit larger than the hole. This will prevent the rip from getting even bigger.

IMG_8489Start by sewing a zigzag all around the patch piece to make sure it won’t fray when the jeans are being washed.

IMG_8491Pin the Patch under the hole on the inside of the trousers since this is quite a small rip. If you’ve got a large hole on the knee for example it might be better to put the patch on the outside of the trousers to make them last longer.

IMG_8493This is what it looks like on the inside, make sure the hole is completely covered.

IMG_8494Sew all around the hole with a straight stitch to keep it in place and then change to zigzag and cover all of the hole with stitches. This is what it looks like on the inside and below is the final result, no more draughts!



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