Workshop Wednesday – If in doubt… add flames

Another productive Workshop Wednesday!

Rich battled on with the QL truck’s new wiring loom, with a nice wiring diagram, lights rigged up in the cab and plenty of solder and new colour coded cabling.

This pic shows Rich ‘looming’ over Corwin (sorry…. it was late)


Mike was busy greasing up the various bolts on the 4.5″ gun ready for the accessories to be bolted back on.

Meanwhile James tackled the stuck spade brake handle… by adding flames.

Mark was tasked with taking apart the lift pump on the Matador Timber Tractor. This vehicle has a habit of refusing to rev up occasionally. As regular readers may remember, the Tractor broke down at DFVS 2014 with a crack in the fuel filter housing. The filter has been replaced but doesn’t seem to be doing a great job, as evidenced by the build-up on the lift pump gauze.


… So a new, heftier, filter is required. Apparently modern diesel fuel has a tendency to ‘break down’ if not used which may explain the sediment in the fuel.

While this was going on I (badly) used a grinder, punch and drill to get rid of a snapped bolt on the Bonser forklift and make an almost-round hole, before sort-of tapping a new thread and mostly-screwing a new bolt in. This hopefully means the engine cowling won’t rattle against the cab so much. It’s still too cold to paint, so we’ll have to live with a multicoloured forklift for the time being.




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