Workshop Wednesday – Tidy Gun and QL Wiring

The 4.5″ Gun has been a feature of the workshop for some time, as the full restoration rumbles on. Every component needs to be freed off, cleaned up, repaired and refitted as appropriate. This Wednesday we took the opportunity to clean the general gubbins off the gun and give it a brush down – the gratuitous coating of filler on the jeep tub had covered most things in the general area when it was ground off.


James grabbed a few bits and bobs lying around and cobbled together a makeshift workbench for the gun components while Mark freed off one of the ‘spade’ locks (The spade-shaped pieces which dig into the ground to hold the gun steady)

IMG_8163 IMG_8165

Parts destined for the Staghound project were identified and boxed up ready to be taken to the vehicle when the time comes.


In the running shed, Rich (assisted by Mike) is still beavering away on the QL. Now the manifold gasket is replaced, attention has turned to the somewhat tired wiring loom.

The old wiring is coming out, and a new loom with more reliable components made up. This is quite a big job, and working in the gloom of the cab is not ideal!

Mike was using the parts washer to clean out the sump for the ‘Little Lady’ Jeep engine, which has now been sent off to be rebuilt!

A very satisfying Wednesday!


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