Workshop Wednesday – Manifolds and MWs

Our first Workshop Wednesday update of 2015, we’ve had quite a bit of progress on a number of fronts.

Now the Bedford QL is in the dry of the running shed, work can progress on fixing it. The torn canvas tilt has been taken off to be sewn back together. On the engine, the exhaust manifold gasket had been blowing quite a bit. Rich and Mark took the manifold off and fitted a new gasket. Apologies for the darkness of the picture!


Meanwhile, Pete, the newest recruit to the workshop team, is taking on one of the mothballed restoration projects – a Bedford MW. This little truck resembles a scaled down OY in appearance, and one featured quite prominently in ‘The Imitation Game’.

The truck was dragged out of the storage unit a while back and placed in the workshop, where it quickly became a storage shelf in its own right. We cleared most of the clutter off to take a look at the cab and engine area…

After the war, this truck was used by a firm in Malmesbury. The old signwritten doors are pictured here, we have spares (seen here in blue) and will be keeping these ones intact.

The Bonser forklift is now running and edging closer to being back in action. The repaint is awaiting some warmer weather to be completed!


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