Make do Monday-How to sew on a button

Something that might seem very simple to your average tailor is how to sew on a button. I must admit though that there are many shirts and even more loose buttons that I keep putting aside because there is a small amount of concentration needed. It is nice to be able to wear your favourite clothes again after you’ve had them mended though, so here is a step by step guide so that you can give it a go!


You will need:

  • a button
  • some colour matched thread
  • a needle for hand-sewing
  • a pair of scissors to cut the thread

1. Thread the needle and make a knot at the end of the thread so that it won’t come out as you sew. If you make the thread double the job will be a bit faster. (My grandmother taught me to never sew with a thread that was longer than the distance from my hand to my elbow, that way you won’t get it tangled)


2. Locate where you need to place the button and pull the needle through one of the holes, from the back, to secure it in place.


3. Stitch up and back down in the opposite hole leaving a small gap between the button and the fabric so that you’re not sewing the button on too hard.


4. After about 3-6 stitches you can wrap the thread around the stitches you’ve made underneath the button.


5. Push the needle through the back of the fabric, tie another knot to secure the thread and cut off the excess with the scissors.


There you are, get started on those clothes in the “to be fixed” pile so they may return to your wardrobe!



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