Workshop Wednesday – The Switcharound

At the weekend we had a shuffle in the ‘clean workshop’, AKA the Running Shed. It’s planned to keep this shed for restored and serviceable vehicles as it’s a good environment, relatively clean and bright.

The opportunity was taken to sort out parts for various trucks and group them on pallets, then into the racking. The little Toyota forklift was great for this.


The Fox armoured car came out first.


Parts removed from the crash damaged Fordson Wrecker earlier this year were palleted and stored.

Up on the shelf

Up on the shelf

The old sawmill forklift, a Conveyancer, was to be removed. With a bit of air in the tyres, and the Matador cab frame moved out of the way, James picked it up with the Toyota and removed it to the Mill.

The AEC Matador in the middle was acquired as an unfinished project, while it’s not a running vehicle at the moment, it’s staying in the shed until another home under cover can be found for it.

The trusty QL is now under cover where it can be worked on, it needs a manifold gasket change, canvas tilt repairing, and a replacement window for the drivers door. Having spent a few weeks in the mill it could do with a clean too!


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