Make Do Monday – Vintage sewing patterns

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Merry Monday sewing,

Before you can get started making your piece of clothing, it’s a good idea to get a pattern. So today I thought I’d share some of my tips when it comes to finding sewing patterns!

deargolenpicture source

I like to buy my patterns second hand, mainly because it’s a bit cheaper but I also like the challenge of finding a pattern for say a skirt and then figure out what fabric you could make it from and what details could be changed. The best places to look for vintage sewing patterns is at fairs and markets. If you’re lucky you might even stumble upon a completely unopened packet in a charity shop, or even closer to home, why not ask a friend or a relative if they’ve got some lying around?

I like using pattern books as they often offer a lot of sizes and a detailed how to guide as well as variations of your pattern-this is great if you are just starting out.


Vintage sewing patterns always beautifully illustrated and wrapped. The instructions can be quite basic and more often than not the packet that you are buying is just for one size, usually the bust and waist measurements for the finished dress is printed on the pattern.


Now if you have the intention of making a certain kind of clothing you would probably have more luck asking your local fabric store or haberdashery for a look in their pattern catalogue. I would also recommend to search online; and are good for older patterns, make sure that it says in the description that all of your pattern pieces are included though!

What are you making next?


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