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Make Do Monday – Gardener’s Diary – January – Part I

GARDENER’S DIARY – 1st Week of January At the top of every gardener’s list of New Year resolutions should come the determination to make the garden tidy and keep it tidy. Not just for the sake of appearances, but because of the hard fact that rubbish left lying about makes a perfect breeding-ground for pests […]

Workshop Wednesday – The Switcharound

At the weekend we had a shuffle in the ‘clean workshop’, AKA the Running Shed. It’s planned to keep this shed for restored and serviceable vehicles as it’s a good environment, relatively clean and bright. The opportunity was taken to sort out parts for various trucks and group them on pallets, then into the racking. The […]

Merry Christmas from Workshop Wednesday!

Merry christmas and a happy new year! The workshop gang had a Christmas meal last night, made a nice change from angle grinders and body filler!

Make Do Monday – Festive Forties – Wartime Christmas Baking

In our household we are preparing for a 1940s Christmas. The tree is decorated with homemade creations and we are all very much looking forward to the Christmas dinner. Here is a recipe for a simple Christmas cake that is sure to please the entire family. Simple Christmas Cake  1/2 lb. self-raising flour; 2 ozs. sugar, 1 […]

Workshop Wednesday 3 – Bonser!

To break up the endless grinding and painting on the Jeep tub…. On a crisp Saturday morning we also spent some time on the Shopland Sawmills Bonser fork lift truck. This tired old workhorse is an invaluable part of the fleet. It helps us keep the workshops and yard running, especially in the run-up to […]

Make Do Monday – Victory Rolls and Red Lips

Make Do Monday – Vintage sewing patterns

Merry Monday sewing, Before you can get started making your piece of clothing, it’s a good idea to get a pattern. So today I thought I’d share some of my tips when it comes to finding sewing patterns! picture source I like to buy my patterns second hand, mainly because it’s a bit cheaper but […]

Workshop Wednesday 2 – Filler, Lumps and Sumps

Admittedly I’m writing this Workshop Wednesday post on a Thursday, but we were working until late last night! Work on grinding back the Jeep body tub is proceeding , nearly the entire ‘top’ half is done, then we can flip the tub over and work on the underside. Importantly, the flathead engine was on the […]