Welcome to Make Do Monday!

Here at the Dig for Victory Show, we like to be creative, whether it is restoring vehicles, making yards and yards of bunting or finding inspiration to next years show.

My name is Sabina and I’m going to start posting some sewing tips with a “make do and mend” attitude on a regular basis, lets call it Make Do Monday!

rationing fashion

Picture source

Above is a picture of what a woman’s ration book could look like during the war, because so many clothes were being rationed, everyone was encouraged to “make do and mend” as I am sure many of you already know. I think that we are a bit lazy in today’s society where a lot of us replace something that is torn or stained with something brand new instead of trying to repair or refashion the way we used to. How often do you hear of someone remaking an old outfit or turning drapes and bedding into clothes?makedomon

Why not add a nice lace to a tired blouse?


Or change the buttons?


Hopefully me and my trusty cat companion (who is an expert at choosing fabrics) can inspire some of you to at least give sewing a go and if you’ve got a tip of your own, please do share!


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