What a show!

A week has passed since the show, and what a show it was!

Here are some highlights.

The team get the Spitfire wings into place – they are pretty heavy!


Gibbs Motors, the centrepiece of the main display area.

People arriving in style at the Victory Dance, in an armoured car!


The USMC display.

Noon on the Saturday, Tobin’s artillery piece getting into position for the noonday gun.

The BBMF Spitfire and Hurricane pass overhead.

Jim Clark’s Sherman starts up and immediately draws a crowd.

Then, after all the fun and games, the large clean up operation began.

The Marquees came down on Monday. The Ops Room now looks a bit lonely!

Sabina directs the Fox Armoured Car out of the field.

Perhaps fittingly, the first items to arrive were the last to leave!

Meanwhile, back at the yard, we have a lot of sorting out to do…

A huge THANK YOU goes out from the DFVS to all our volunteers, exhibitors and visitors over the weekend. We had a smashing time and hope you did too!




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